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Unveiling the Dynamics of Client Collaboration in Outsourcing

We decided to take a wild ride on the client’s rollercoaster

and asked ourselves every question about what really happens behind the scenes before, during, and after our collaboration with them. It was a whirlwind of curiosity and discovery! We will share the most interesting insights we’ve learned in a series of posts.

How do you handle issues during development cycles?

Conflicts, quality issues, bottlenecks, etc.- We have a structured approach to handling issues during development cycles, including conflicts, quality issues, and bottlenecks. Our main tool for addressing these issues is scheduled and incident-triggered retrospectives.

What frequency do you use to update the clients on the status of the projects?

As a general practice, we provide project updates to clients at least once a week. However, we recognize that the frequency of updates may vary based on project needs and client preferences. For more time-sensitive or complex projects, we are flexible in increasing the frequency of sync-ups.

Do you have PMs with Product Management experience?

Yes, many of our PMs have experience in Product Management as well. They have found themselves in dual roles or have transitioned from Product Management to Project Management throughout their careers.

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